Celebrities and our Brand!

Celebrities and our Brand!

Kingdom of Melanin has been around since 2016 and has expanded to thousands of customers worldwide. We have also gained celebrity recognition. Forgive me for over doing my makeup in these pictures, its not my best look! You will find me in some of the photos below. Check out these pictures from their Instagram accounts rocking our brand! Click on image to be taken to their page.

Micheal Jai White and Gillian White. 

Micheal Jai White is a famous actor that was in many movies, a few of them is Spawn, Why did I Get Married, and Blood and Bone! Those are just a few of many! I've met them at an event along with other respectable actors, and actresses below. Here is a picture of Tiffany ( the designer of Kingdom of Mel) and the power couple!

Gillian White is an actress who played in How To Be A Player and more! Click here for her Instagram: Gillian White.


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Thanks for the love it brightened up my day @davidbannerlikespictures and @realsway being an entrepreneur is a great thing but is not easy at all! Continue to be great, and I wish you all the success you aim for! I appreciate the love and support from everyone who supported my business. I couldn't have done this without ya'll.

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David Banner surprisingly has been rocking and supporting our brand before we knew! Click image above to watch his video with our bag. Click here for his Instagram account.

Tami Roman, from basketball wives sporting our queen travel bag! 

Tami Roman is an American television personality, businesswoman. model and actress. 

Click image for Tami Instagram!

The Famous Marcus Henderson! He is an actor who played in Get out and black panther. Click here for his Instagram. He also played in Django and insidious! All my favorite movies! This is how close my brand was to a native Wakanda Citizen. 😜


Laketa Awls is an actress and producer, known for Laff Mobb's Laff Tracks, Lovers and Friends L.A and more! Click image for her Instagram page. She is wearing our pink Kente Hoodie!

Bill Duke! It was a honor meeting Bill Duke. I don't have his Instagram only his facebook page.

William Henry Duke, Jr. is an director, producer, and writer. Duke Played in primarily  action and crime drama genres, and occasionally comedy.

He played in famous movies such as Predator, Sister Act 2, A Rage in Harlem, Dark Girls, Get Rich Die Trying, x-Men: The Last Stand, National Security, A Raising in the sun, and Foolish. 

High End Suit Designer Kenneth Boggs! Checkout his website: https://www.kennethboggs.co/

We have met other celebrities like Adina Porter.

 Ok... My face was too embarrassing in this picture. Ignore the emoji mask! 

Porchia Coleman, Modeling a custom art bag Ive made for my son. 


Commedian Kelz

Actress Shar Jackson From Good Burger movie, and Moesha.

Shalona Shampton

Edwin Hodge from Purge.

Allen Maldonado

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There were many more celebrities I've met that I gave a product from my brand to,  Unfortunately all my pictures accidentally got deleted from my phone the following week including the pictures of the birth of my youngest son! 

There are also celebrities I just don't have any pictures of that rocks my brand... 


To learn more about the designer (ME) click here!

Here are photos of me wearing my brand.


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