Our Kimono Robes are creating quite a buzz!

Our Kimono Robes are creating quite a buzz!

     In the last couple of months, Our Kente Print Kimono Robes has gain an unbelievable amount of popularity. They are currently for women only but we are working on designing some for men, and making some in plus sizes! We are excited and appreciate all the love we have received on our creations. These Kimono Robes are light weight, feels very soft on the skin, and are vibrant in color. They are made of high quality printed fabric that does not fade.


We thought of some ideas on how to flaunt your Kimono Robes!


  • Buy them as a gift. Email bytiffanythill@gmail.com to get your name or someone you love name put on the back or front of a robe.
  • Wear them to the beach!
  • Wear them around the house.
  • Wear them for your wedding party! Request to get Bride, Bridesmaid, Made of honor and more on your robes!

Currently They come in two different fabrics you can choose from:


Chiffon fabric

  • Lightweight woven chiffon fabric in 100% polyester
  • Knit bamboo fabric trim and matching chiffon belt
  • Vibrant print will never fade with wear or washing
  • Print will be seen from both sides, ideal for artwork with dark colors
  • Rolled edged finishing on hems
  • Printed and Sewn by hand in Canada
  • Quickdry fabric
  • Easy Care
  • Dramatic elegant look


 Silky Knit fabric

  • Lightweight silky-knit
  • 100% ecopoly fabric made in Canada
  • Knit bamboo fabric trim and matching chiffon belt
  • Print will be seen only 10% on the inside, ideal for artwork with light colors
  • Micro overlock hem finishing
  • Printed and Sewn by hand in Canada
  • Quick dry fabric
  • Easy care
  • Perfect for lounging and lazy Sundays

Our customers loves them! Check out our review we have on the red Kimono! The first day We posted our robes on facebook, they went viral!

We are looking forward to providing many more in the future!

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