My life running a business

I will like to thank all my customers for the love and support the last 3.5 years running Kingdom of Melanin! 

Being a mother of 4 and running a business may look easy but it's far from easy!

I process orders, design products, constant research and educating myself because business is forever changing, update my book keeping, update my website, create content, manage multi-social media platforms, take financial risk with new marketing strategies and so... Much... More...

I have even experienced entrepreneur burn out year two and three. 

Yet, My dream always has been to be a fashion designer and a multi-business owner. I love it!

I don't have to wake up to report to a 9 to 5, I don't have to ask for sick days no more, and I can take a break at anytime without penalty. I'm not saying these things to brag. My motives are to help others who want to make extra money and start a business.

If you are interested in learning how to start a business or improve with one you have started, visit my new website and follow me on Instagram @manifestmybrand

I want you to have financial freedom and the freedom to be creative!


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